Carers allowance

Hi, I am new on here and would like a bit of financial advise.

I have been claiming careers allowance for my 91 year old father since December 2018.

As I am claiming universal credit, this amount is deducted from the amount paid to me as I understand this is an income.

I now find that the same amount is being deducted from my fathers pensions credit, is this correct?

I have taken this up with the DWP and they confirm that this is correct however it seems to be that although the careers allowance is being paid, it is also being taken from both of us?



Hi Anne.

First step , crunch some numbers through an online benefits calculator :

Are the results the same as the current range of benefits payable under Universal Credit ?

Let us know … if any different , we’ll have a ponder.

I suspect that another benefit paid to your father maybe affected by you claiming Carers Allowance.

If no one has a carer, then they get an extra allowance. As you are now his carer, then he looses that amount.

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It would be nice to get a careers allowance of course…

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