Carers allowance

I was caring for my partner up until sept last year when I did some
Unemployed work so obviously stopped getting it however I haven’t worked now for nearly 3 months however the form
They have sent me to fill in is horrendous they literally want to know everything I’m told this is because in spite of the fact it’s not means tested they base it on your earnings for over a year!

We do not live together.

Can someone
Confirm if this is correct for me

Many thanks

Hi Michael … welcome to the canteen.

If working and claiming Carers Allowace , there is a weekly limit of £ 120 on paid work which MUST be observed.

Averaged out over a year … £ 120 x 52 … £ 6,240 … per month , £ 520.

The DWP can " Average out " earnings if they fluctuate … slightly more complicated if under Universal Credit.

A recent thread contains much more information on this in response to another poster’s questions :

From a differet angle but with same conclusions.

Have a read … and then get back to us if further guidance is needed.