Carers allowance letter

Hi I’m new and just after a bit of advice . My son has asd and in June I applied for carers allowance when he was awarded DLA . I was awarded it but in July started employment as learning support in the local special needs school . I never realised that carers was a benefit that had an earnings limit until last week I received a letter asking me to fill in a income form to clarify my entitlement and they had been informed I was working for this company . If I’d have known I would have let them know instead of now incurring an overpayment of about 2900 . I don’t claim any other benefits and earn 969 a month . They’ve stopped the carers until they’ve checked entitlement but I am worried sick .

Hi Natalie.

Carers Allowance and working ?

There has been a weekly limit inforce on earnings for decades,

As I type , now £ 123 per week net before carers allowance drops off a cliff.

Short of seeking advice from the local branch of the CAB … or from the Carers UK Advice Team … best by email ,
there is little any of us on the forum can do … or advise.

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I have asumed that you have not attempted to marshall excess income to stay within the weekly limit ( £ 533 monthly )
… lower in previous tax years ?

Unfortunately because I’ve never claimed benefits before I was none the wiser . I know that I’ll be having it pay it back but will they want it in a lump sum or will I go to prison ?

In situations like this , the DWP are both judge and jury.

Best seek advice in advance as recommended.

Nothing in the paperwork that came when carers allowance was first claimed ?

Please don’t panic. It sounds as though you acted in good faith. You won’t go to prison as this is in no ones best interests and not intentional fraud. I don’t know whether you will have to pay back in a lump sum, but as your income isn’t large, I am sure that if that would be difficult they will accept this in instalments. Put everything to them in writing and explain your financial situation to them if a lump sum would be hard for you to manage. Make a note of any telephone conversations you have with them and who you spoke to.

Definitely worth contacting CAB if you are concerned.