Carers allowance / benefit cap

Hi I’m looking for some info regarding the benefit cap and carers allowance. So I’m affected by the benefit cap I have been for the last few years this results in me getting just 50p housing benefit I’m over that now I pay full rent practically besides the 50p. Anyway for the last 12 months I’ve been my mother’s carer she receives PIP, I fit the criteria to to receive carers allowance. What I’m concerned about is how will this affect my money? I’m already under the benefit cap will my housing benefit be fully taken off me now? Or will I get a bit more housing benefit? I’ve read several different things regarding this subject but no one is answering my specific question. Also is it even worth applying for the carers allowance or will I be worse off? I understand I should be better by 35 pounds a week but I’m affected by the cap remember. Please any information would be greatful. Tia

Hi Tia.

First step … an online benefits calculator … that will reveal the level of benefits available … under Universal Credit
or the old money system :

Benefit cap ?

Full sp on the Government’s site :

Benefit cap: Benefits affected by the cap - GOV.UK

Even an online benefit cap calculator :

Benefit cap: Benefits affected by the cap - GOV.UK

Time for some number crunching … me thinks ?

Hi Emma,

Welcome to the forum, I’m afraid that I can’t answer your specific question about the benefit cap, we hardly ever get asked about that aspect of benefits, although there may be someone else here who is similarly affected.

It might help someone who knows more, to give an answer, if you could say a bit more about who is disabled, age, and whether or not you live together.

Under some circumstances, it’s better if another member of the family claims Housing Benefit. it’s so long (about 20 years!) since I read the specific circumstances, that I can’t remember the exact details.

Just in case it’s needed , full sp on Housing Benefit … from Shelter this time :

Housing benefit: hostels, refuges, supported and temporary housing - Shelter England