Carers Allowance and State Pension

I haven’t been here for a while but just read an article about winter fuel allowance which referred to state pension as a benefit.

This reminded me of how state pension impacts on carers allowance because it’s classed as a benefit.

Does anyone know if Carers UK are pressing for a reform of this situation? I’ve paid into my State Pension all my working life so it won’t
be a free benefit.

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Hi @Mark_D It’s not currently a part of the Carers UK campaign as far as I know, because they’re concentrating on the effects of the cost of living crisis. The details are here: Cost of living crisis | Carers UK

There are many areas of carer finances that are deeply unfair. And there’s very little political will out there to support carers with anything other than platitudes. Carers UK and other organisations supporting carers have to pick their battles carefully.


Hi @Mark_D
Carers UK has been pushing the government to review pension rules for unpaid carers, including taking actions that would enable carers to receive similar pension levels to those who are not carers.

These actions include enabling unpaid carers to receive their state pension up to five years early and creating auto-enrolment payments for carers in receipt of Carer’s Allowance to ensure that they continue to contribute to additional pensions. You can read more about the recommendations to the government on page 9 of the State of Caring report:

Hope this is helpful!


Mark D I understand were you are coming from with your post , I am still careing at the age of 70 for my severe learning disabled 39yr old son .
He needs 24/7 care . When I recieved my state pension,carers allowance stopped , I recieve a very small amount of carers premium this is my only income .
If I he were to be in residential care it would be around £5000 per week for 24hr care… I know people whos adult children are in even more expensive places . I cant see why carers charities dont pick this as one of thier battles or at least raise it in the cost of living project . Elderly carers are forgotten and some are not in good health themselves.
I also would like this subject raised from carers uk and other unpaid carers agencies. I have come across doctors , nurses and people in social sevices and care agencies who are unaware that carers allowance stops when you reach state pension age . I have also cared for my husband and mother for over 5 yrs , they have both passed away now but I have had a lot of dealings with the people in health and social care Take care and thankyou for raising this issue in your post Mark D