Carers allowance

Hi I’m Sue and I am a carer to our son Brad who is autistic with learning disabilities and suffers with epilepsy. I work part time and I am beneath the threshold of £123. I had completely forgotten about a small pension that I took out when I worked for Staffordshire CC and I’ve just turned 60 last month and I’ve received notification that I am entitled to around £30 per week whilst I know it’s tax deductible I’m not sure if as its a private pension rather than the state pension it has to be taken into account with the £123 threshold x. Thanks for any advice you can give me as I’ve been googling and keep coming across contradictory statements

Xxx Sue

Private pension ?

No problem … mine kept me solvent during my caring days.

only State pension affects your eligibility for Carers Allowance.

Thanks so much for the replies that’s great I was just worried about it be stopping my Carers allowance but it will just mean I pay tax on it xxx

Xxx sue

Thanks so much xxx

That’s great thank you x

Thank you x

How old is your son? Are you sure you are claiming all the benefits he is entitled to?

Read the pension info carefully. It might be that you can defer taking it now, if you want to and take a greater sum later. Or they might offer a one lump sum to take it all up front.
Personal choice what you decide, but there should be options