Refused carer allowance due to receiving state pension

I have been caring for my 101 year old mother since she moved in with us 7 years ago, she receives attendance allowance and I used to get carers allowance until I started to receive state pension. We have recently applied for and received help with respite care from social services and the financial officer told me to reapply for carers allowance and after they refused I could then apply for another benefit. Does anyone know of this benefit what its called and how to reply? Thank you in advance Karen

Hi Karen.

CA ceasing as soon as the SP is drawn down ?

Yep … almost the number one complain across carer forums since the dawn of the Internet age … 2004 … and the very first carers forum.

( The abhorrent " Overlapping Benefit Rule " … as if the SP was a benefit ??? )

What other benefits can be claimed when the SP kicks in ?

State Pension Age Changes - Turn2us

Pretty comprehensive.

Pension Credit … full sp :

Pension Credit: Overview - GOV.UK

Have a good read … and then return to us with any questions / queries.


Does mum contribute towards your household bills?
Does she give you anything for the care you provide?
Do the council arrange for carers so you can have some regular “me time”?