Carers allowance

Everyone agrees carers allowance is pitiful, I think the problem is that. It is to universal. If you both have a taxable income of less than 16000 a year and are not working you get it. The proplem is if you have to finish work to look after someone and you take your pension this is not means tested, so if you are lucky enough to have a pension over 16000 a year you still get carers allowance this is why the government will never increase it to a reasonable rate.

If you get the state pension you don’t get Carers Allowance, even if you are caring 168 hours a week!

I was really disappointed when I found out your Carers Allowance stopped when you got your State Pension. My caring role is just as much as it ever was before I got my pension. I still have to drive my daughter about, make appointments, manage her benefits and money, be there when she has a meltdown, organise Social workers, reviews, OTs , make sure she is taking the Pill, smooth out disagreements with her boyfriend, try and get social housing for her etc etc.

it’s not fair at all and even worse for people who have to do a lot of personal care and hands on stuff for their caree.

Personally, I think CA and the State Pension should be treated differently.
The argument is that they are both “income substitute” benefits and the rules say you can only have one.
So one person can receive the SP, no responsibilities, having a ball.
Meanwhile at times I care for my son 168 hours a week, when he wants to do things that are only possible with me.
I get sweet FA!
Where’s the justice in that???

Carers Allowance rules are a disgrace on so many levels. All the way through this covid business I have seen nothing about the impact on Carers. We appear to have no voice or are just not heard. I wonder what can be done to change that. Is Carers UK listened to in any arena?