Carers Allowance and applying for mortgage?

Hi, I am now on here! My name is Deb and I’m a full time carer to my10 year old son. I had to give up work and so rely solely on benefits as a single parent. I rent privately and have been given 6 months notice on my house(3rd time in 2 years!) As my landlord is selling! I’m sick off not having a permanent home for me and my son. Is there any rent to buy/shared ownership scheme for people purely on benefits? How have others done it please? I’m desperate to get out of renting but can’t see a way how. Thanks

Any Housing Associations near to you?

They can sometimes offer a way in.

Hello, Deb. Certainly follow up the advice you have already been given, but we could possibly make further suggestions if you could give us an idea what is wrong with your son. If you could see a way to getting back into some form of employment whilst he is suitably cared for, this would make the whole business of applying for a mortgage easier. Work based at home could be a possibility.

If you rent, you may be entitled to Housing Benefit. If you have a mortgage then no Housing Benefit is payable. This caused us a lot of problems when my husband was made redundant, twice.

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