Remortgaging after becoming a carer

Hi, I gave up my job a couple of years ago to become a full time carer to my son. It is now time to remortgage our house as our fixed rate is ending and we’re finding we can’t borrow enough to cover our existing mortgage. My partner is on a decent wage so we’re not eligible for any benefits except carers allowance. We have no problem making the monthly payments but because I’m no longer on a wage we can’t borrow what we need to. Anybody else had this ??? Moving is not an option because our house has been adapted under a dfa grant, so we’re stuck in no mans land, facing a higher rate on our existing mortgage that we will struggle to afford

Hi Carla … welcome to an extremely quiet forum as I type.

Problem so outlined ?

Too commonplace !

2019 … " If computer say no ! " … what can one do ?

There are brokers out there … commercial ones … who specialise in several fields … mortgages / benefits being just one.

Internet search … MORTGAGES FOR BENEFIT CLAIMANTS … throws up numerous links … like trying to pick the right shark …
as well as several forum threads on the main disability sites ( Carers through association ) :


I would recommend working through those links to get a better picture from others with similar issues.

As a side issue … an online mortgage calculator … to get a feel of the market as it currently stands :|dc_pcrid_310222710958_mtype_e_kword_mortgage%20calculator_2764ri918980_slid__pgrid_3301037827_ptaid_aud-460459794936:kwd-16231941&uuid=11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111&Device=c&engine=google&ptaid=aud-460459794936:kwd-16231941&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpaHGgpWo4wIVOCjTCh2_jATdEAAYBCAAEgLmPfD_BwE&adloc=1007027&pgrid=3301037827

You will note that the link is inside one of the major online supermarkets … caveat emptor ???