Carers allowance after a death

I was caring for my mother up and until her passing away two weeks ago.
I was under the impression that CA would be paid for 8 weeks from the Sunday after the death, however the payments have stopped.
Any advice would be appreciated.

After getting through and choosing option 2 I was told that after a few days I would receive the full 8 weeks in a block payment.
I knew this was total rubbish and phoned again but choose option 4 and had someone that actually knew what she was talking about.And this is the situation after a cared for person passed away.
Once the cared fors state pension stops the carers allowance department automatically suspend the carers allowance, it is then for the carer to contact the above department for it to be re activated for the 8 weeks.Which she done for me yesterday.
I dread to think how many carers have not done this and cost themselves about £680 when taking the NI stamp credit in to account

Glad you have persisted and sorted it out but what a ridiculous system.


Thank you for highlighting this issue.

Question - Carers UK is this highlighted anywhere on the web sit.

I agree and have highlighted this thread to Michael Carers UK.

Thanks for highlighting this point Chris

I’ve asked one of my colleagues to check if this information relating to Carer’s Allowance is on our website.

I’m glad to hear that you’ve got your Carer’s Allowance payments reactivated.

With good wishes