Mum passed away how do I restart life


Don’t know if i am on the right page.

I was a Carer for my Mother in Law for 3 yrs until she passed away at the end of October, I have stopped receiving my carers allowance, is this right or wrong?

I have not been able to get a job and do hope I get something?

Any help or advice would be grateful.


Hello Linda

I’m sorry to hear that you have lost your Mum.

I have split your post from the topic where you posted and given you a topic of your own.

You may find this Age UK factsheet helpful

Carers Allowance is usually payable for 8 weeks after the death of the person you cared for, counted from the Sunday following their death.

I would suggest that you contact our own helpline for advice on what other benefits you may be able to claim until such time as you find work. Contact details are here

Hi Susie,

Thanks for your help.

I will call them on Monday.

Thanks for the advice.