Carer's Allowance stopped 2 weeks after Mum's death

Hi Everyone
my mother died on September 5th
I was her main carer and on Carer’s Allowance
for some reason the allance stopped going into my bank on the 15th of September
I now have £5 in my bank and I am organising my mother’s funeral
I have rung DWP three days running
they have told me it has been put on urgent
I rang today explaining I now have £5 to my name and my electricity is about to cut out
she said they are deciding whether I am entitled to Carers Allowance - but it is valid for TWO MONTHS after the death of the person you are caring for
she actually said “they’ll write to you” !!
she told me to ring benefit enquiries (which was closed after 5pm)
this is just the DWP main number!
I asked to talk to the people they were supposedly sending the “urgent” messages to so that I could explain to them that my time is running out while they are messing about deciding to eventualy send me a letter in ther post I have £5 left to my name
Of course she was horrified “even we can’t talk to them”
has anyone been in this situation?
Obviously if my electricity runs out I can’t cfontact relatives and the funeral people to continue organising the funeral
thanks for any advice

Hi & Welcome Graham

Condolences for the loss of your Mother.

I am sorry to read of your current situation. The carers allowance should have continued for eight weeks.

Please call your energy provider and informed them of your current situation. Going forward as not to be disconnected they should make a plan with you. Likewise speak to your phone company and ask for additional help with you bill.

Turn to us are an excellent organisation and should be able to help you. Make sure who every you speak to in the coming day and weeks. Ask them to call you back to save your phone bills.

thanks I’ll get onto them

Hi Graham,
I am very sorry about your mum, and this frustrating situation, the last thing you need.
I haven’t even tried phoning DWP yet - I fear I will get upset and fobbed off. I came here searching for advice and saw your post.
Similar to you, MIL passed Mid sept, I used the Tell Us Once online, I only received C.A for 2 weeks after D.O.D
I am overdrawn now, due to losing 3 weeks C.A. I hoped to have been in receipt of the 8 weeks.
How are we supposed to all of a sudden get work and income following something that is such a sudden shock, life changing?!
I hope you get sorted, good luck