Carers allowance following a death

Hello all,

My father sadly passed away at the beginning of June, we used the tellusonce service when we registered his death. I was receiving carers allowance for him and understood this can continue for 8 weeks following the death, I was expecting only my second payment to happen around todays date 27/06 but nothing has gone in, does anyone know if there is a delay in payments after a death or if you have to wait the 8 weeks for a lump sum? Horrible talking of money after a loved one has passed but the £66 a week was my only income, thankfully i have understanding relatives that are helping me at the moment.

Thanks in advance for any advice and help.

Hi Jonathan … welcome and … condolences.


If you were receiving Carer’s Allowance when the person you cared for died, > this will usually continue to be paid for eight weeks from the Sunday after their death.

If you were receiving a carer premium or addition as part of your Income Support or Pension Credit, this will also continue for eight weeks.

Recommend contacting the DWP Carers Unit direct :

Contact the Carer's Allowance Unit - GOV.UK

Ji Johnathan
I found my carers allowance stopped immediately and I also used the one stop service. I wasn’t expecting any more and had finished all the administration side of probate, then 18 months later I received a surprise cheque for 8 weeks worth of Carers allowance for the period following the loss of my father. I think perhaps it had been stopped in error and the mistake was picked up by their auditing process. I think it would be worth a phone call to make sure they haven’t stopped it too soon by mistake.

Thank you, I wasn’t expecting anything either then came across a few things online regarding the 8 weeks, so little information regarding this it should be made clear for you when you are going through so many emotions and distress.