Carers - 4th vaccine Booster

Has any carer managed to get their 4th booster. I’m having to chase my husband G.P. as he is on the vulnerable list. Our third vaccine booster letters came promptly a week apart. I’ve looked at the web sites but you have to produce a letter from your G.P. We had our 3rd early November and there has to been 91 days in between the 3rd and 4th. So we are now due.

No I haven’t had anything yet although I’m over 75 with a heart problem I don’t think I’m especially vulnerable.

If and when I do get one just hope it’s like the first 3 with no problems !

For now I’ll just keep on taking as many precautions as I can - mask wearing washing hands, staying away from crowded places etc)

severely weakened immune system
A 3rd dose and booster dose (4th dose) of the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is being offered to people aged 12 and over who had a severely weakened immune system when they had their first 2 doses.

This includes if you had or have:

a blood cancer (such as leukaemia or lymphoma)
a weakened immune system due to a treatment (such as steroid medicine, biological therapy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy)
an organ or bone marrow transplant
a condition that means you have a very high risk of getting infections
a condition or treatment your specialist advises makes you eligible for a 3rd dose

Interestingly, I know more people now having Covid.