Booster jab age 20

My daughter aged 20 is an unpaid carer for my father who has suppressed immunity and also ulcerative colitis. She is 20 and registered with Derbyshire carers , no updates though as to how or when she can get the booster. Does anyone know any more ? thank you (My gp is not helpful or easily contactable)

Hi Sharon,
the booster roll out doesn’t seem very efficient does it.

Here is information about it for carers Coronavirus Vaccine Booster for Carers | Carers Trust

She might be automatically eligible as she is registered as a carer. Has she tried to book it Book or manage a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination - NHS or rung 119? If that doesn’t work it does seem that she has to wait for an invite and if it needs chasing up, then she needs to contact the GP …

S and I are due our boosters from tomorrow. We have only got our invites because S had a learning disability health check and I raised it then (funny how GPs won’t see anyone/ never have appointments) but when it comes to the LD health checks that they receive extra payment for - suddenly an appointment is available!)

Let us know how she gets on.