Carer Assessment Meeting


Has anyone ever been through a carers assessment meeting with social services?

How does it work do I need to bring things with me like details of what I need help with people who I care for?

Really, surprised i got allocated a worker within 24 hours of sending a carers assessment form in they told me it maybe 1 week if your lucky or 2 before someone comes out.

Just recently found out about the carers assessment from LA.

Carer Assessment full sp … our very own CUK :

Carer's assessment | Carers UK

Despite what the Book says , practice can be a little different.

They should send you an explanatory booklet before the assessment.
I’d suggest having it away from where all your carees are based so you can be open and honest.

The carers assessment should look at your needs.
Your carees needs should be covered under their care assessments.

An ‘r’ can make a lot of difference