Carer's Assessment over the phone next week - What to expect?

Hello. I’ve not been here for quite a while. A lot has developed since then…

I’m getting slowly but ever surely closer to the end of my tether. I feel guilty writing that because I know my mum is not “as bad” as other people’s Loved Ones that have Dementia… but anyway I’ll stop waffling; I am finally having a carer’s assessment over the phone, next Thursday.

I was given the option of a face-to-face assessment at home or a telephone one and I chose over the phone. Not sure if I should have chosen face-to-face but it’s too late to change it now. In that moment when she asked, I just thought it would be easier.

Well, I was just wondering if anyone could give me an insight on what sort of things they ask.

I want to make sure my thoughts are clear and I can explain everything that I need to, so I am going to make a few notes to have ready when the call comes.

Thanks for any help.

I found it helped to have a diary in order to make some brief summary notes. Good luck.

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Hi, @sarah88

There’s quite a lot to go through where assessments are concerned, and CUK produces a useful booklet on the subject: Assessments in England 2023-24 (


Hi Sarah,
I wish you all the best with the appointment. Further to the helpful suggestions already posted, you might find this animation we’ve recently produced helpful: Having a carer’s assessment
I hope it goes well for you!