Carers Needs Meeting


I have a carers needs/assessment meeting with social services soon. Has anyone been through one what do they ask you?


Full sp for both … Needs / Carers assessments :
The Care Needs Assessment Explained | Age UK

Carer's assessment | Carers UK

Not so much they asking you , it’s a case of you asking them.

Your one chance … do NOT leave anything on the table.

100% agree- your chance to do the asking

Needs assessment- do you need any equipment to help you care . If you don’t know what you might need, give them a big list of mobility problems, sight, hearing or cognition problems and what can they provide to help?
Are you getting all the financial help you are entitled to?
Are you entitled to any care provided by SS?
Is the person you care for entitled to respite
Are there any services they need referrals to?
Do they need any safety features installed, bells, smoke alarms, fall detectors etc

Carers Assessment
What would you like to be doing instead of caring and can they help with courses, gyms, discount vouchers
Can you claim CA and is there anything else?
Can you get access to sitting service
Can you get grant for respite as carer
Can you have info on who to call for future help?
Do you need training on any aspects of caring?

Just a few things for you to think and ask for starters- no doubt plenty more on the links above.

It is your meeting- take control and don’t leave it for the social workers whose primary aim will be to reduce the council budget!!!

I’m told you don’t have to answer any questions you don’t want to although if you don’t answer the financial ones they will be entitled to assume you have plenty of money to pay for everything yourself.