Cared For Refusing To Pay Wages To Carer

Has anyone been in this situation?

The agency says they have sent letters and tried calling with no reply?

I’ve not been paid this year!

A few posters on this forum are also paid care workers … juggling work with caring.

One of those may provide an insight from their own experiences as paid care workers.

If an employer is withholding wages , usually one for that employee’s trade union to handle ?

If no trade union , even a claim through the courts … having first sought expert advice ?

Are you usually paid by the agency and they are waiting for payment from the caree, or does the caree pay you direct?

It’s a direct setup. I’m supposed to deal with paying her NI and I need to pay Tax and NI?

Before it was all handled by an agency, however she wasn’t happy at that agency so I changed it for her to one she wanted now still not happy with this setup.

Either we change the package from standard to advanced payroll or i take it to the courts.


I’m supposed to deal with paying her NI and I need to pay Tax and NI? >

Are you the employer ?

If so , expert advice is recommend … Employment law … nobody on this forum is an acknowledged expert on that.

Talk to ACAS. It all sounds very iffy to me!

im an employee

If you are the employee , your employer deducts whatever from your pay … and then pays said monies over to the TaxMan.

I assume no problem with the pension element ?

Paid care workers … this is a forum for family carers.