Ripped Off


Someone I recently started caring for I found out after looking at her bank statements that she is paying 43% of her direct payments to the care agency who claim the money is taxed and NI to employees, which is simply not the case as the employees don’t earn enough in 1 week that doesn’t meet the thresholds to pay tax and NI?

I’m going to start a complaint to the care ombudsman to recover costs which are thousands.


Hi Azim

You will probably find that some staff working for the agency do enough hours to pay tax and NI and others are part time and pay nothing. Staff typically vary hours and sometimes will be working less hours than other weeks. It is never clear cut but usually the client pays at least twice what the carer earns and the rest goes to things like pension, tax,NINO admin costs and profit. You couldn’t reasonably expect the company to say who they pay tax and nino for on their client invoices so be careful before you complain.