Shadow, training and induction payment

Am really confused with the way my new employer treated me really bad, in regards to my salary, training and induction.
I was asked to make payment of £50 for the DB’S, which I did and they ask me to signed £8.50 per rate, after which they sent employment confirmation of £10 because I asked them the rate of one to one with service user’s home permanently.
Unfortunately, the service user’s brother rejected me after my first day and I heard from them beforehand that he is so selective with carers and may.

I worked for 12hrs at the rate of £10; I did 17hrs shadow and 10hrs training and am still on their waiting list

During the recruiting procedures, I signed a form, which stated that, staff receives salary on the 5th of every month and unfortunately, 5th has passed and I was not paid, even till now. I called them and i was told that am not entitled to anything, but they can try and pay me only the salary.

Is that how things work in the care home? the place is a reserve area and taxi to and fro is £12 and child’s care for children for the 5 days with them was also paid. This really break my heart. what can i do?

Completely new one on me.

Perhaps as this forum is for family / kinship carers … and not paid care workers … is the answer ?

Some forum members do balance caring with paid employment … some in the care industry.

A chance one of them might be able to assist ?

Failing that , what has your union have to say for itself ?

I regret that we are unable to answer your questions relating to your employment - Carers UK is a charity set up to support and advise those caring for friends and/or family in an unpaid, non-professional capacity.

As Chris from the Gulag suggests you would be best directing your queries to either your local Citizens Advice Bureau or your union.