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Hi everyone

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I’m Fawaz.

On October 21st, I was approved for a work application for carers allowance from the beginning of the year. She earned a monthly stipend of £ 291 as carer’s Allowance allowance

Is it fair for the UC to deduct the entire salary for care allowance and give me just £ 162 for the caring element?

The council tax I pay has been raised from £ 108 a year to £ 483,15. And now the council is also asking me for £ 218,83 for the previous months, do you think raising the council’s tax to this level is a fair matter as well?

Do you think that the amount of £ 114 remaining for me from my salary for the care allowance after all the deductions I have received is sufficient to take care of the elderly and the transportation fees that I spend to bring her needs from the market based on the government’s instructions not to leave the elderly their homes for fear of infection with the Corona virus and to accompany him during his visit to the doctor?

Is it fair that the UC is now asking for all my care allowance salaries that I received from January to October and not granting me any caring element for the previous period I did due to that they were reported this change late by support worker as they said to me?

I hope to hear your answer to these inquiries and to clarify the matter to me.

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This is a forum for unpaid carers, we are here to offer help, advice, and support to our fellow carees, from our own experiences, to help with caring.
There are many things wrong with the benefit system, but we cannot change these I’m afraid.
If you would like to tell us more about your caring role, we may be able to help in other ways.
Who do you care for, age, disability?
When did your caree last have a Needs Assessment from Social Services, and you, a Carers Assessment. (These are quite different from DWP!)

I’m afraid there is much that fair when it comes to caring and benefits.

You could try a benefits calculator and see if the figures come out somewhere similar.

UC is so complicated and it’s hard to give people a concrete answer.

from the above website

How Does This Benefit Affect My Other Benefits?
Receiving Carer’s Allowance can affect any other benefits you and the person you care for are getting. However, although your other benefits may be reduced, the total payments you receive will typically stay the same or increase.

Benefits that may be affected by this include Income Support, Employment and Support, State Pension and Jobseeker’s benefits. If you receive other benefits that are paid at the same rate of more than Carer’s Allowance, you may instead receive payment of what is called an ‘underlying entitlement’.

In addition, when you claim Carer’s Allowance, the person you care for will no longer receive:

Severe disability premium
Reduced Council Tax
As Carer’s Allowance can also affect the benefits of the person you care for, they should be informed that you are making a claim.

If you complete a claim form, the person you care for must confirm in writing that they are aware you are claiming Carer’s Allowance as you care for them a minimum of 35 hours/week, and if you apply online they will be informed once you have been approved.