Care ID number is there such a thing

Hello all, my fiancé has been diagnosed with epilepsy recently.
The other day I had to take her to A&E. I called work and let them know what happed, and that I would not be in.
When I did my return to work, they made a big thing about me not having I carer ID number.
I sent in my registration to my GP but not got anything back yet. And talk my local social service to see what help they can give me.
Neither of them has said anything about a Carer ID number.
So, is there such a thing as a Care ID number and if how do I get one?


I’ve not heard of one. but others on here might know different …


I would ask your employer, (but then I’ve always been a bit bolshie).

They must think that they know something - it’s time for them to find out that they don’t, and it will be better than you telling them that there’s no such thing.

(There are some local schemes for Carers Cards, but they mean very little elsewhere (and likely not much in their locale).

e.g.:- Carer ID card - Carers' Resource

I’m not sure what they are referring too either. Does your employer mean that your company provides one. Have you spoke to human resources dept.

I did a google search and found you will need to do your own research.

As I don’t know where you live I have included …

My local carers group do one but ID’s vary across the country. Likewise venues and people. organisations excepting them as proof.

Thank you all for the help. It did sound like a load of hot air to me.
Next time the ask me about it, I will asked them to clarify what they mean.

Remind them that you are “disabled by association” and they have a duty to make reasonable adjustments for you.
If they make it so dififcult that they want you to leave, point out that you will see them at the Employment Tribunal, making a claim for “constructive dismissal”!!

Hi Andrew,
my wife has severe epilepsy but i also work full time as well as being a carer. The ID Card is important and i should keep it on you at ALL times (when you do get one) if your partner depends on you. In our case Derbyshire County Council provided me one however my wife’s care is partly funded by them while i’m at work, i sure the GP will provide you with one too, this web site might be helpful from our council but check your council if you’re in the uk Emergency Planning
I really hope your partner isn’t too bad, my wife has regular seizures and as you probably know these are unpredictable, i’ve being a carer for over 27 years. Don’t forget if your partner has regular seizures there is other support you could get including a possible Care Package or an emergency care plan (agreed between them and you) and this is where your partners ID number would come from, some employers ask for this to justify paid leave, crackers i know, it’s early days for you both in the epilepsy world by the sound of things and hopefully your partner will soon be controlled although it can take a while sometimes.

Best wishes to you both.