Mum not ready to leave care home - what are our rights?

Hi everyone

We need help! Mum (age 79) has just had a care needs assessment via zoom with a social worker and he says she doesn’t have residential needs. We disagree. Mum says she is not ready to go home yet until she gets her mobility back.

Mum was admitted to hospital nearly 9 weeks ago after 3 falls in the space of 12 hours and rapid onset delirium. They couldn’t get a urine sample but treated her for a UTI. A week later she tested positive for Covid and was discharged to a designated bed for 2 weeks. She recovered and was discharged to another care home to continue her respite care, but this turned out to be for residents with advanced dementia which mum does not have. She was so distressed and we had to battle so hard to get her moved to the home she’s in now. During all this time mum has had to isolate, been kept in her bed or chair and not been allowed to mobilise. Two weeks ago she has started receiving physio to help her walk again.

Prior to her hospital admission mum had very poor mobility, double incontinence, Parkinsonism, foot ulcers, bipolar disorder, stage 3 kidney disease. She had carers three times a day, as she needs help with the toilet/washing/dressing, but because of her depression would just sit staring into space and not eating/drinking properly. She is so much worse now. She cannot walk at all and she has signs of dementia. Also her mood is up and down and she is having frequent hallucinations/delusions.

We are so worried about her going home. She is at risk of falling, especially with her confusion, and will have to remain in bed and in soiled pads until carers call. We would no longer be able to leave the house if she is stuck upstairs. We would like her to stay in care but chatted to her today and said we would fight for her to stay in care until she’s well enough to return home and that if she doesn’t improve fight for her to stay in care. She is eligible for counci funding.

The social worker has asked us to email hi our concerns. We are I desperate need of advice please.

Dear Julie

We are sorry to hear about the difficult situation you find yourself in supporting your Mum to be discharged from hospital safely.

Just a note to let you know that we have emailed you with some suggestions as to your rights with regard to assessment of your Mum’s needs and we hope that you might find that useful. We would also encourage you to email our advice line ( if you need some specific help on your and your Mum’s rights.

With warm good wishes

Carers UK Carer Support team