Financial Support

I’m new to Caring and wish to ask anyone if I can get any support towards my car IE “Car Tax” which I use for Hospital Appointments and commuting from my house to the person I care for? The person is 69yrs . receives Attendance Allowance just within last 6mths but not PIP or any other Benefit. I receive Carers Allowance weekly only and nothing else and don’t have any other Employment. Any information would be much appreciated thank you.

Hi Dave, not as far as I’m aware - but would love to be wrong!

The costs of journeys etc should be paid for by your caree, especially if they have over £23,000 in savings?

Thank you for all your info👍

If you are getting Carers Allowance only, you may be entitled to other benefits now your caree is getting DLA. Have a benefits check as soon as possible. If receiving CA you are not required to look for work.