Can my mum move out help please

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I would like this post to be deleted please. I’m unable to delete it myself. Thank you

It sounds like she will be entitled to Local Housing Allowance (housing benefit) for a property.

Have you found out how much this is and if there are any rental properties for that sum? Will her small savings be enough for a deposit? Do you trust her enough to be her guarantor?

Look into social housing - many local housing associations have retirement housing. Get her to apply for them. The Shelter website will explain more about how LHA and applying for different types of housing.

How much is her pension? I’m not knowledgeable about this area but did see online that it can be up to £173 per week and that’s what she is supposed to pay her bills and food from. You could double check her benefit entitlements and what kind of council tax discount she would get due to her income.