Can get too much

I don’t know if it’s a common feeling but does anyone feel worse when people ask how are things going and what have you been up to?

I’m a carer for both parents whose mobility is not good and find through lockdown I’ve felt overwhelmed, struggling and head pressure with everything.

I also suffer with GAD to. We have private carers morning and night and useful equipment in the house.

I live with my parents. Although I get out for some walks, I just find I’m on edge a lot and can’t relax.

So much gets to me and I overthink all the time.

Personally, I think everyone has had enough of the current situation. We find ourselves in I know I wish for a change of scenery.

It would be nice just to go out and feel relaxed.

I have been looking at UK holiday web sites. And thinking clocks change again soon, And the nights are getting lighter. There are longer day ahead.

Focus on the summer months ahead.

So much gets to me and I overthink all the time.


You are certainly not alone here.

things wind me up more than they used to - e.g. other drivers; people in shops (mask and SD related), noisy neighbours (annoy me even more than usual) … We have less to distract us at the moment. Apart from the mundane, all that is happening is Covid related; not that carer’s lives tend to be very exciting!! Even Roll Call is dull because it reflects our lives at the moment.

I agree with Sunnydisposition though - the daylight hours are getting longer, there are signs of spring, we are heading towards more things being possible again.

Hang in there.


I’m now in a better position than lots. However, my patience is at an all time low. I’m not an impatient person. Has to muster up every scrap of patience when my husband became ill. Anything can wind me up at the moment.