Building Independence for Loved Ones

Hi All

Firstly thankyou for having me here. I have some questions & seek advice I also look forward to sharing my experiences, you see I have been caring for me son for the last 17 years (9 of them on my own) Now he is turning 18 in a few months & all though he needs around the clock care I want him to try and gain abit more independence so it got me thinking, having your dad around ALL the time might hinder the confidence to become more self-reliant. So I have decided to hire a friend or 2 to take over the caring duty (I’ll still be in the picture, but I’m hoping me not being there 24/7 might help my cause)

Now I’m looking to do everything by the books, register my company on companies house, incorporate a payroll system. I’m in the final stages of arranging a business insurance package & have already got my bookkeepers sorted & to ensure everything is above board.

However finances do run tight even at the best of times, so I wanted your feedback on this, would it be more or less cost efficient to hire private carers? Does anyone have advice on how to coax your family/friends into becoming more independent? Are there any good books on building a small business and also any material on how to build up the mind positively?

I appreciate the help & look forward to hearing your thoughts.



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Hi there

Have you thought about trying to get an ehcp…an education and health care plan…

Within it you can have Preparation for Adulthood outcomes

Things like travel training
Daily living skills
Work experience


If he needs round the clock care…I think it would need more than a friend or 2. It would need a team of people that know his needs well.

Good luck