BPD daughter with cPTSD, EDNOS refusing meds

I’m new here, and desperate.
My daughter is 20 and had her thyroid removed a few years ago. She has to take thyroxine to survive but due to mental health issues she believes there’s a conspiracy in that she’s not actually unwell and that doctors are trying to poison her with medication ‘she doesn’t need’. She’s heading towards myxoedema which is very serious. She’s OD so many times that I’ve lost count. She self harms horribly. She’s been picked up by police from bridges and railway lines. She’s been sectioned for fourth time (section 3) and is currently an in patient. Her psychologist said they’d be able to force meds but hospital are saying no. Her lack of thyroid hormone is making her mental health decline and she’s now hallucinating and paranoid. I’m at my breaking point as they’re saying she may be discharged and she’s telling me she’s going to end it for good. I’ve told the hospital this but it’s like she’s falling through the gap between mental and physical doctors!
I know this was long… could be so much longer, but I really don’t know where to turn, I’m losing hope and my family is being torn apart :cry:


It sounds like you, and your daughter are in a really tough place right now. A physical health condition alongside a MH condition makes the whole thing so much more complicated to manage.
You don’t say how long your daughter has been an inpatient, but her capacity to consent to treatment and meds, should be assessed and recorded. Are you aware if this has happened? Under section, a hospital can give medication even when a patient refuses. Can you have a conversation with the responsible clinician - there has to be a named person as she is sectioned - and find out why they are unwilling to do this?
She cannot be discharged from the Section 3 without a S117 planning meeting, this meeting will put in place what care she will receive in the community both in terms of social care and health care - S117 places a legal duty on both health and social care to support someone to stay out of hospital. If there is an attempt to discharge her without this, please insist on it happening.
I wish you luck.