Daughter (24) has EUPD and Anorexia. Struggling to cope

Hi all

I wonder if anyone out there has experience of caring for someone with eating disorders coupled with a personality disorder? My husband and I have had our daughter (my stepdaughter) at home for a year battling with her mental health. She recently had a relapse and ended up in hospital having taken laxatives and almost had to have her bowel taken away. The problem is she’s been on a waiting list for specialist Eating Disorder support for 16 months now. She has private counselling too but really needs this specialism. A nurse comes here weekly but she’s not a) a counsellor or b) trained in eating disorders. Even when she was in mental health hospital last year, no members of staff were trained in eating disorders.

I just phoned the doctor to talk about my mental health and the support was zero. He just said ‘it’s situational - ride the wave’. I need support as a carer and I don’t know what to do.

Thanks if you’ve read this.

Welcome to the forum. The GP sounds useless. Mine was too when I was newly widowed, newly disabled with a disabled mum and son. He told me to lose weight, exercise more! Not quite the advice I needed, had he bothered to read my file he would have seen I’d recently had major surgery too.