Blue Badges

Hi. My Mother came to live with my husband and I about 4 months ago. She is finding walking more and more difficult. I have tried to apply for a blue badge for her so she won’t have too far to walk to where ever I am taking her. The problem is that she doesn’t have the required proof of id or address, as she is an 84 year old with no passport or driving licence and I am still wading through all of the change of addresses that I have to do! Has anyone got any suggestions as how to go about this! I can,t seem to find much help on line!

Good evening. Have you tried rigging the council that is issuing the blue badge. There should be a helpline to ring if there isn’t the right id requirements.I am sure its a common occurrence.
Kind regards Nicholas

What about the address for her pension. I assume it’s been changed. If not changing it will help her.