Blue Badge

Hello, I’m new to the forum.
I have been caring for my partner for over year now and his health had taken a nose-dive recently. He’s been in hospital with heart failure, on top of type 2 diabetes, PTSD and mental health issues.

He’s getting very distressed (cabin-fever) as he can’t really leave the house or do anything, he gets too out of breath even doing a supermarket shop. I believe a blue badge would really help as it would open up more places that we could go. From a quick look online it would appear that you need to be in receipt of a disability benefit to get a blue badge?? (Northampton). We both have well paid jobs (he’s working from home) and have never claimed any benefits so it seems a bit mad that you have to claim to be able to get a blue badge? that can’t be right?

If we do have to claim a benefit (PIP) would a consultants letter explaining what they found in hospital be enough proof? I would be interested if anyone has experience of this.

Cheers all.

Being in receipt of the appropriate benefits will give you automatic eligibility for a Blue Badge, but those are not exclusive reasons for getting one.

Hello Janette. My wife has held a Blue Badge for a few years and it needs to be renewed periodically. In the absence of a disability benefit it requires the backing of a medical professional. Various people have provided this over the years: a hospital ward sister, a GP.

Neither of you know what the future has in store for you.

At 50 I was fit as a flea. At 53 I had major cancer surgery to save my life. At 54 I found my husband dead in bed, after a massive heart attack. Three months later, a head on smash nearly killed me.

Be sure to claim PIP, both care and mobility, if entitled to them. Mobility would give you AUTOMATIC entitlement to a blue badge I believe, it is absolutely life changing to be able to park closer to your destination.
I was disabled for years as the result of the car accident, so that’s a personal recommendation! (I’m fine now, after 2 knee replacements).

PIP is NOT means tested. If you claim before you are 65 you get it for life. After 65, you have to claim DLA instead, and that doesn’t entitle you to Mobility payments.

Many thanks for the replies. I will consider the PIP application, thanks for the advice. I have looked at the government criteria for blue badge and it does seem to fit him, but Northampton’s website throws you out if you have no PIP or similar. I’ll do some more digging! His doctor should be able to do him a recommendation I would think.

Cheers all :slight_smile: