Blue Badge


Can anybody tell me how long it usually takes to get a Blue Badge when you apply?


How long will I need to wait and will I need to be assessed ?

Your application will take at least 6 to 8 weeks to be processed.

This may be longer if you are invited for a mobility assessment.

Please be sure to include all the correct documents with your application.

Needless to add , the post code lottery at it’s finest.

Thanks seems to be taking forever had to send PIP details and still not through - will be patient for now wasnt sure how it worked.

Your welcome.

Internet search … BLUE BADGE WAITING TIME … within 5 seconds.

If PIP Mobility received, it shouldn’t take long, as no decision involved. You get the benefit, you get the badge!


Many people are automatically eligible for a Blue Badge by virtue of receiving the Higher Rate of Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance. … > People who score 8 points or more in the ‘Moving Around’ activity of the Mobility Component of PIP will be automatically eligible for a Blue Badge.

( Not for the faint-hearted … 47 pages in .pdf format. )


Didnt realise re PIP you automatically get - we have my partners daughter living with us due to mum having breakdown and mum is saying applied months ago but nothing and they want more info re her PIP but still nothing. Daughter def receives the mobility allowance - I will have to contact them myself I guess. Thanks for the information

Unfortunately it seems that staff administering the scheme in some councils, including mine, have not been trained properly!