Key safe

Hi all

My mum is my dads full time carer (Alzheimer’s/vascular dementia), we are trying to get all practical matters in place early on…

They live in a block of flats, and I’m looking at how to get a key safe installed at the main entrance should anything untoward happen to either of them. Also for a personal alarm for my dad.

On doing some research, it’s seems that key safes are quite expensive (for us) to purchase and then get installed. And the personal alarm security is around £20 per month.

I’m wondering if anyone has been able to get either of these services through the council/social services at all?

Key safes are only about £10-20. Both this an Lifeline provided by Social Services. Does mum have Power of Attorney sorted, claim Attendance Allowance and Council Tax exemption for dad? I ask these questions whenever anyone mentions dementia as so many people are missing out on their entitlements!

Depending on where your parents live you have to get permission from who every owns the building.

In some areas Age UK provide key safes however they will only come. If permission has be sort. Usually key safe of flats are only fitted outside the flat door not the main entrance.