Best Person to Get Continuing Care Assessment From?

I just rang up my local CCG and asked for an assessment for my dad as he has vascular dementia. They told me I need to contact a social worker or GP. He doesn’t have a social worker as I do all his caring at the moment as he has over 23k. In the past they have always played hard ball and was never initially given the standard care assessment even though he clearly had needs. He doesn’t see a doctor regularly because he is stable and not on any medications (doesn’t have high blood pressure or high cholestorol) although can do very little for himself - with assistance might hold a cup or a sandwich. He can’t walk, is not bed ridden but leaving him alone in a chair can be risky. Who really is the best person to approach and how? Thanks.

**What is the preliminary assessment ?

First, you’ll have a preliminary assessment of your needs using a checklist. > This might be carried out by a doctor or a nurse when you’re being discharged from hospital, or by your GP or by a social worker.**


Preliminary assessment checklist

The checklist covers the following categories ( Also known as " Care domains " ) :

cognition (understanding).
psychological/emotional needs.
mobility (ability to move around).
nutrition (food and drink).
skin (including wounds and ulcers).
symptom control through drug therapies and medication.
altered states of consciousness.
other significant needs.

What is the full assessment ?

If the preliminary assessment shows that you may be eligible for CHC, then you’ll have a full assessment. This will be carried out by a multi-disciplinary team, consisting of either :

two healthcare professionals from different healthcare professions,
one healthcare professional and one specialist community care assessor.

The multi-disciplinary team will use a checklist similar to the one used in the preliminary assessment checklist and score you on how serious your needs are in each of the categories in the checklist.

Because most of the categories considered in the assessment process don’t relate to mental health, and because of the way they are scored, people with only mental health problems are rarely considered eligible for CHC, as opposed to those with physical health problems.

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Should cover your initial concerns ???

Given the choice , your caree’s gp … by a country mile ???

Also , your post reads as if LA NEEDS and CARERS ASSESSMENTS are long overdue ???

More on these if needed.