Bed wetting

I am not sure what I can do about nan’s bed wetting.
She wears a nappy at night, occasionally uses the toilet and she has a commode just outside her room. Previously there would only be a bit of wee in her nappy and she would of used the commode but now she hardly uses the commode and her nappy gets full, heavy with wee so she usually takes it off during the night and then often later ends up wetting the bed and or her night dress. Tonight she wet the bed twice. She also the other night/early morning popped the bed.

I don’t know what to do about it.

Her GP practice should have a “Continence Nurse”. My mum had regular visits, very, very kind nurses.

Aside from arranging the NHS nappies what else can they do?

Quite a lot :

Login | Royal College of Nursing

Royal College of Nursing web site.

Alzheimers Society web page on this very issue.

Hi Yasmine,

Definitely asking for a referral to the incontinence nurses, they may be able to offer a better product, bed protectors or medication - as it sounds like she is passing more urine than she should and it could be an issue with her bladder.

Its worth it for you and her.