£300 carer grant

I am a carer for my mother who has Parkinson’s and recently I tried to find out about any financial help available and the only thing I found was a £300 carer grant and my local carer centre was applying for it for me. It was over 8 weeks ago she applied, and told me the grant can be used for anything I feel would be useful or helpful so I noted I could put it towards a new camera (I used to be a videographer before my caring increased without notice). She has eventually told me I’ve been accepted for the £300 grant but only if I can get matched funding. However my need for a camera has moved on (lots of things happen in 8 weeks) but I still have a huge list of other things it would be so helpful for. I am planning a trip to the middle East to visit my girlfriend, trying my best to get the funds together, but will they consider this as something eligible to help towards? I would ask the person from the care centre but it’s very difficult to get hold of her, and wanted to see if i can get any advice before we speak. And will I have to wait another 8 weeks to re apply because its something different?

If anyone has any experience in this or knows how it works, it would be great, thanks

Carers Trust , George ?

Grants & Financial Support for Unpaid Carers| Carers Trust

Full sp :

Carers Trust currently has a grant fund open for individual adult carers, aged 16+.

Carers may be able to apply for grants of up to £300 for items or activities that will benefit them in their caring role> , for example for:

Breaks for carers, with or without the person they care for.

Items for the home including cookers, fridges, beds and washing machines.

Courses and materials to develop carers’ skills and personal development.

Home repairs.

Short-term or time limited replacement care.

To see whether you are able to apply for a grant, contact your local carer service so they can advise you. They will need to complete an online application form on your behalf.

Please note that not all local carer services will be able to apply for a grant on your behalf. If there is no carer service near you, or there is one but they are not able to make an application on your behalf, there are also grants available from other organisations. See benevolent funds and charities that support carers.

If you are caring for someone in Northern Ireland you will only be able to apply for a Carers Trust grant if you are registered with and engaged with our Carers Support Service in Northern Ireland. This service is only available to people who are caring for someone in the Southern Health and Social Care Trust area in Northern Ireland.

Hi Chris, yeah that’s the one.

Supporting organisations bearing gifts ?

Oh well , perhaps a few donations for the carers using food banks will also be on the way ?

Sorry, don’t understand your message:)

No message … just a comment.

Usual practice is for our supporting organisations to request funds from us … not vice versa.

I always considered that somewhat ironic given that half the carer army are in financial dire straits.

I used to use my £300 grant towards a week away with my dog so I am sure a week away with your girlfriend should be fine. Just explain you need a break from normal routine.