Any financial help for carers

Carers Uk

I have just seen in another area of UK an organisation is giving any carers that apply a one off grant.

I am thinking that a lot of people are struggling right now.

Can you post any links of organisations here that people can easily ask for a one off Grant.

If there is not such a thing then perhaps Carers UK could put aside some of the money they get to offer a grant to carers who find they are struggling.

Hi Cloudygal

Here is the link to the grant information page on our website, on it, there is a link for Turn 2 Us which is a grants-finding organisation:

It might also be worth checking through our latest benefit information here:

Best wishes


Thanks Jsne

The one I saw in Scotland gives £300 to all carers to spend on something for themselves…anything like that here?

Not just for washing machines or bills etc

Carers deserve something for themselves!