Autism, adhd, ocd

Good morning,
My partner has asd, adhd, ocd. He keeps promising things or agreeing with solutions, but when the day comes he can’t see the point or he doesn’t following it. If I am bringing it up, he keeps blaming me or its all about him or everything it’s my fault, but he can’t understand he let me down and I should be angry not him. How I can deal with broken promises and blame? Is anyone in similar situation? Thank you

You need to come to an agreement, if you want to go, you are going, with or without him.

His failure is upsetting you, is he really saying he doesn’t care for you enough to support you to do what you want?

Hello Aiste

Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear about your troubles.

You don’t say whether this is usual behaviour for your partner or whether it is a recent development. I understand that the current environment can be especially challenging and stressful for people with the conditions you mentioned, which obviously makes life more challenging for youMind has some good advice about staying well during this time which your partner may like to read:

and it’s import to look after your own health during this time, have you looked through our pages on this?

I’m going to move your post to our autism section as you may find specific support there, follow the link if you want to read through any previous posts which may be useful:

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