Problems with Supporting Agency

Just when I don’t need it, another problem comes along.
Daughter has LD and is on the autistic spectrum. Lives with her partner a few miles from us. She has 3 x 2 hr slots a week with support workers going in to help her cook etc. Most of them she gets on very well with. There is one new young woman who is bossy and my daughter says she doesn’t want her visiting. I don’t think she has any experience of working with people with special needs but there is such a shortage of care workers that they take anybody. There was just one other woman she didn’t like. All the others are great.

The Manager seems to think it is all my daughter’s fault but how can it be when all the others get on fine? He is now saying maybe they cannot meet her needs and we should look elsewhere. Unknown to me, when my daughter heard about this, she rang him up and he says she called him a stupid idiot, which she no doubt did as with her autism she says what she thinks!

She definitely does need support as she gets anxious when her partner is out at work all day.

Not sure how to deal with this because to be Honest he is pretty hopeless. Always forgetting to send out timesheets, or sending ones with mistakes. So I am not surprised she called him an idiot. I have repeatedly told him she needs to know who is coming in and so do I. We understand sometimes they have to cancel but we need to know that too not just find out when nobody turns up.