Attendance allowance. Why is DWP so nosey?

My wife has just been given AA, but because I am acting for her
a rep from DWP is coming to interveiw us.

On the form they sent the rep needs to know among many other things, how much money we have…
Income /savings/ bank statements etc etc.

Has anyone else ever had to disclose all this? I am inclined to refuse to,
but them my wife may loose her Attendance Allowance.
Any thoughts on this please?

Hi Albert.

The DWP will periodically check on all appointees to ensure it’s still suitable for both parties.

As for the additional information they may request , difficult to pin down on the Internet.

( Somewhat odd as AA is NOT means tested ! )

One to bounce off the Carers UK Advice Team / CAB ?

As you say it’s not means tested so why the requirement for financial info.
I shall phone carers tomorrow as the rep is coming on Weds. :silly:

I had a DWP rep fill in the PIP form for me, he was brilliant. Let this chap come, as I suspect they are trying to ascertain if you are entitled to more Pension Credits etc. They can’t take the AA away, it’s non means tested, so you have nothing to fear.

Thanks for replies.
I shall say that I don’t wish for every Tom, Dick and Harry to know all our
finance and then ask him if his name is Tom. :smiley:

Hi Albert
Because you are the receiver of your wife’s benefit, the DWP will just be needing to check that you are spending her money on her needs, and not frivously spending it on young women , strong drink and parties - so keep quiet about those :wink: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Attendance allowance isn’t means tested, but they might be seeing if either of you might be eligible for anything else. When they first arrive do double check the aim of the meeting, and if its not what you were expecting say so, ask them to leave and rearrange for another time so you can get help and information.

Hope this helps

Don’t tempt me!
£59 quid a week isn’t going to get me much these days, methinks :laughing:

Thanks for all advice.

Hi, bowling bun may have a point. A while back my mum had to have a financial assessment. I thought it was a waste of time as she had over the magic £23000 in savings. The young man who did the assessment contacted me afterwords and referred me to the benefits department and she was awarded higher level DLA and mobility. They also backdated it.