Asthma Review missed

One of my carees has Asthma, has the inhalers but is supposed to get a review every year, seems to have been missed, the Corona?
But been told essential to have a review every year.
She has memory issues so can’t remember, I do write everything down in a big 18 month diary.
But things still get missed/forgotten.

So just a reminder if your caree has Asthma make sure they have their reviews every year.

Only people with Covid-19 count at the moment Londonbound. My son has been left without his blood tests for diabetes and his annual health check and it’s all okay due to Corona. Dentists are leaving people with sore aching teeth and that’s okay as those with Corona come first. People with Cancer are being left to one side.

In this year 2020, Covid-19 is the only importance, to the Nhs and of course, the Nhs workers themselves, and that is all forms of Nhs…no matter whether or not they work with COVID patients.
They’ve missed my son’s ‘review’ of needs as well…due to the easement allowed via the Coronavirus Act.

To top this someone from Nhs who is allocated to his case only bothered to get in touch on week 8…and then did absolutely nothing to help. No-one would think people like my son with diabetes were at high risk from covid (he has a learning disability so doesn’t count as a human being according to discrimination shown via Nhs and social care). In fact, he’s been offered zero support whatsoever since the crisis started.

Perfectly possible to do an asthma review at home… over the phone…especially if the person has a peak flow metre.

Our doctors do have separate areas for corona and non corona patients… i phoned up recently about something and I was invited in but was told I needed to wear a mask and they would too…

I declined their offer but if someone is feeling very ill then then benefits of going would hopefully outweigh the risks.