ASD Does it get worse with age

Get So desperate
Does ASD get worse with age ?
My husband has it
How do u cope ?

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There is a NAS community forum you could also post on.

Hi Amanda,
it shouldn’t get worse as someone gets older.

However, if the person develops mental health issues or dementia this can exacerbate their autism; likewise if they have an undiagnosed condition causing them pain.

Does your husband have any professionals like involvement from health?

I’m not married to someone with autism, I care for my now adult ex foster) son.

Have you looked at the National Autistic society website?

If you feel the relationship is very one sided you need to tell your husband what you need from him in a direct way, Don’t expect him to know how you feel or what you need . If you think you need support to this, then consider couple counselling. If he won’t agree to find ways to make the marriage work for both of you, then it’s time to consider whether you would be better apart.


I don’t think it gets worse you just need to learn about to cope and adapt. Put in place routines. This helps me and my son. We both have autism.