Caring for Asperger husband

Ive realised, I am my Asperger husbands carer… finally.
Been together 5 years married less than a year.
He had a complete meltdown , went missing, had to get police to help.
Things calmer now, medication for headache made things worse too, but he’s off them now.
Trying to do one day at time, but worry about future his and mine …can i really cope…I need more than his capable of…which makes him more stressed.
Any help advice wisdom thoughts, would be gratefully received I talk to friends and family but so difficult when they have no experience of Asperger s.

Dear @Amanda_20061

There are two methods for achieving detachment. One is emotional self-care and the other is cognitive self-care.
Remember you’re doing the best you can in a tough situation.
Anyway, Check this link hope it might help you.

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Thanks for your reply,
I guess although things are settled down, I’m always on edge waiting for next upset
.Hes generally ok whilst things are going his way.
Our marriage was over after the last set back, however I felt sorry for him, I do love him and said I would try again.
I m worried about our future, and whether my needs will be met… he is trying hard … which makes me feel worse… cos I know this is not normal for him
His temper can be bad and I worry bout that too…
Is it norm al for me to feel like this

Hi perhaps you could post a thread on the above. Where you may receive more responses.