Antiwork is ruining my mental health

I’m at the point of not even trying. Because why not capitalism screws you either way. I’m just overly anxious of retirement and being broke after working for 50 years. I remember finishing high school and I thought hard work and grinding would make someone successful but I don’t feel that way anymore. I can’t even read self help books because they feel tone deaf. I feel defeated but I want to change this.

To be fair, most self-help books are disgustingly tone deaf. One must remember: there are no required credentials to write a self help book or be a life coach. 95% of them are just grifters.

Give yourself a minimum acceptable salary/hourly, and after that Look for work that isn’t money first. Find a way you can find personal satisfaction about the work you do. Do you help with the building of cool buildings? Help kids? Help people get healthier? Even if it’d only a small role in the end goal, it’d still important to the creation of the whole, otherwise the job wouldn’t exist.

I like to think about people in past work experiences, good and bad

They didn’t choose to be there, they didn’t have any power whatsoever, so they chose to live and do what they could. Miners dying in the coal mines didn’t really have a choice. Boomers getting paid a living wage to work at a gas station didn’t choose for that to be their society

And I didn’t choose the societal expectation that 2 weeks off of work in an entire year is a luxury for white collar people. Moving to another country is infeasible, at least right now

So my choice is to give up echat, become unemployed and just drift along at the whims of whomever. Or, try to get a job that is the best I can do in this current socioeconomic climate

I keep choosing the latter. Because while the echat random situation is far from ideal, I’d rather make the best life I can than give up