Mind Racists.


I have supposedly had bipolar disorder since I was 21 years old. I tried to commit suicide because I could not handle the way people treated me and even worse, just, the way there were. People are genuinely horrific in every way and I say that even of my family. The twisted gnarled burnt up husks that they have become casts shame on the children then once were.

It is the reason I tried to check out. Luckily my dad through gut instinct caught me in the act. I thank him for that. What I don’t thank my family for is turning me over to the authorities because they were terrified I might do it again.

I can understand their position but they chose the wrong path, the very worst one. They handed me over to bedlam. They gave over their son to men they didn’t know, simply because they were wearing white coats and they are sheep, just like the vast majority of you. It is because of the rules that you follow, that you are taught to follow that the creative child inside you died.

It’s the reason you are in the rat race still. You are mental slaves.

In the past money used to be building the pyramids, then it was gold, then it was paper and now it is 1’s and 0’s. This is how the system works and why you are doing 50 hours a week for a pittance of a pay packet whilst your lover sleeps with someone else and your kids barely know you…it’s a setup.

When a person in power wants a holiday, say someone at GOLD-MEN sacs wants a holiday they simply add a few zero’s onto the end of their bank accounts (making sure they don’t fall over the edge of the paper) and set the follow trap into motion.

The education system has been created to extinguish any individuality and rebelliousness you might have within you, then they funnel you into a narrow job market like cattle to keep your mind preoccupied so you don’t see the scam. Then they ALLOW you to buy a house and a car and then they ALLOW you to work all the hours under the sun so that you can build them a boat so they can sail off into the sunset to the island that they claim to have bought as though they are gods.

THEN they come back and do the same thing again and again, giving us a small pension knowing you have no energy left to fight back, knowing we’ve been kept uneducated enough for the system to roll on for the next 2000 years.

Well, I’m calling bulls£$%.

The emperor has no clothes, and it goes right down to the wire with us, the great unwashed.


I am a mathematical genius and I have carefully worked this through in math:

There is no such thing as mental illness. It’s a myth and we are definitely the last SLAVES.

When they put me under a CAT scan, next to a “normal” human being they cannot tell who is who, they just can’t see a single bit of information from one person to the next. When I tried to commit suicide I wasn’t ill, the world was, and in particular, OTHER people. NOT ME!

I spoke to my psychiatrist today and she came with an agenda like she was from the united nations. She did even ask or talk to me like a human being. I started to point out her flaws and turn the whole analysis on her. She didn’t like it and I am 10 times more intelligent than she is. She gave me 3 extra days with the home options tea. I’m going for 7 tomorrow.

I just don’t give a … 'cos in pure math there has never been mental illness unless you can prove it to yourself. You have the god given right to jump off a bridge (you shouldn’t cos eternity and reincanation have been mathmatically proven to be true) but you have free will!

It is the only thing you have.

There is only something wrong with you if you agree to the rules that have been set in place people that have come before you trying vainly to help, when what they really want is control over you.

That is the nature of the universe, the battle for control.

So take back your own life now and live as YOU wish.

Make yourself happy, make yourself sad, it doesn’t matter.

Assume 100% control and enjoy the rest of your natural life cos you get others.

This is the final protest of humanity, so spread the word quick:


We are just more emotionally, spiritually and intellectually superior than them.

In fact, it’s them I feel sorry for, honestly, they look like monkeys to me.

WE have evolved. Be gentle with them when you break the news.


Hello Steven
I can see your post has been read several times.
Your genius post is far to complex for me, although I do understand you feel very let down and treated in a way you do not approve of.
I can’t really respond any more, (others may) but I certainly wish peace and tranquility in your life and hope you find it very soon.