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I have another form to complete about my daughter’s finances. I am always unsure of when is the best time to do these because it fluctuates such a lot with rent going out, benefits going in etc. UC always say you need to tell them of any changes in finance but surely I don’t have to tell them when, say £550 goes out for their rent.

Then there are things like they try and save a bit for a holiday or something Substantial for the flat. If I fill in the form and include that then a month or so later it could be, say, £1,000 less.

Hi @Penny I think the changes in finance that the DWP refer to in regard to UC are major changes, such as a person stopping or starting any kind of paid employment, receiving an inheritance which would push their savings above the threshold etc, not day-to-day expenses going in and out of the account.

However if you would like more clarification around this, the following website is excellent for information and also has a forum where you can ask questions.

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The CAB should be able to advise too.

Changes can include:

  • finding or finishing a job
  • having a child
  • moving in with your partner
  • starting to care for a child or disabled person
  • changing your mobile number or email address
  • moving to a new address
  • changing your bank details
  • your rent going up or down
  • changes to your health condition
  • becoming too ill to work or meet your work coach
  • changes to your earnings (only if you’re self-employed)
  • changes to your savings, investments and how much money you have
  • changes to your immigration status, if you’re not a British citizen

They don’t need to know that you’re paying your rent, or that you’re saving for a holiday, or for clothes. Those are quite normal things, so not a concern, unless the savings go over a certain amount. The current limit is about £6,000.

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