Another one just saying hi

Hey I am a caring for my 90 year old mum. We have reached that stage where she need help washing and cleaning yo the incontinence. She has come out of hospital day and gone down further in self care.
I am exhausted.

Iain, welcome to the forum.
I think it would help if the mods started a new thread of your own, so that we can offer a few suggestions about how to make life easier for you.

Before mum was discharged, the hospital should have arranged free carers for 6 weeks. Did this happen?
Can you tell us more about mum’s disability?
Is she claiming Attendance Allowance?
Does she have any dementia?

Mmmm … a couple of links so that we can delve deeper :

HOSPITAL DISCHARGES … the bible … were ALL boxes ticked ?

Being discharged from hospital - NHS

REABLEMENT CARE … that 6 weeks BB mentioned … offered ?

Care after illness or hospital discharge (reablement) - NHS

I assume CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare is NOT a potential factor here ?

Hello and welcome!

Have you asked for a needs assessment or not?