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Hi I have been caring for my mother who is 92 for just over a year now after a consultants mis diagnosis nearly killed her and put her in hospital for an extended stay which saw her mental and physical health deterioate, so my life is pretty much on hold for the foreseeable future as she needs constant care I have things pretty much under control though being a male there is a question of dignity when it comes to hygiene, with which my daughter and grandaughter help when they can, I also have a carer who comes in twice a week to give her a bath unfortunately due to her own commitments she is unable to do more than two days. Unfortunately she now needs extra care in the hygiene department so once again will have to pay extortinate prices to cover the days when no help is available so that’s my story.

Hi David … welcome to an extremely quiet forum as I type.

Nobody ever mention CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare … even before the latest discharge from hospital ?


Last NEEDS assessment from your LA ?

Care plan running smoothly ?

Others will be along to extend their welcomes … and probably probe into the day to day caring aspects.

Hi Chris
Thanks for the reply I was told that any after care would have to be paid for this was by the hospital social welfare team so I gave them the go ahead to put a care package in place that was late Feburary 2018 by the middle of May my mother now in a rehabilitation centre and nothing had transpired just promises and nothing else. I picked the phone up and in under a week had my mother at home at the same cost I was quoted by the social worker at the hospital. Past experience of the care system provided by the authorities for my mother I would rather pay than have someone who has to do the maximum in the minimum ammount of time.

Your welcome.

Shelling out monies balanced against care support ?

A difficult decision at times … well , for those with monies in the first pace ?

Don’t use sight of CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare.

The Veyron as opposed to the Ford … and it’s FREE if granted !

Hi David

Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your Mum. Definitely take a look at the CHC link Chris sent. If she was eligible then it would mean you wouldn’t have to pay for her care.

Also just checking that Mum has savings above £23,000? If below that Social Services should be contributing to her care? The value of her home doesn’t count towards this whilst she is living in it.

It isn’t easy. So best of luck

Welcome aboard,glad to see you

I’m dismayed that you are getting so little help for someone who is, after all, nearing the end of their life.
When did she last have a Needs Assessment from Social Services?


Home care services ?

New thread spells out the full sp :